“How can interdisciplinary research enhance the policy relevance of macroeconomics?”

Our Research Hub leaders will each chair a panel discussing a pressing ‘real world’ macroeconomic issue. At least two research projects will be  presented by each panel with audience discussion encouraged.

Keynote Speaker: Professor Deirdre McCloskey
Special panel: Interdisciplinary influence on the Scottish Enlightenment

Attendance at the conference is free, but prior registration is essential. Please contact Richard Arnold on r.arnold@niesr.ac.uk confirming which day or both days you wish to attend.

We have some funding for students and post-doctoral researchers to help with travel costs within the UK. If you would like to be considered, please make a case in less than 500 words covering what you hope to gain from, and contribute to, the conference.

Provisional Agenda

Day 1:  Thursday 19 September 2019

8.30-9.00         Registration

9.00-9.15         Welcome

9.15-10.45       Globalisation Hub: Globalisation and Vulnerability

Hub Leader:    Stephen Kinsella

10.45-11.15    Tea and coffee break

11.15-12.45    Macroeconomic Instability Hub: Macroeconomic policies in a complex world

Hub Leaders:   Roger Farmer and Jean-Philippe Bouchaud

12.45-13.30    Lunch

13.30-14.30    Keynote address: Professor Deirdre McCloskey, Distinguished Professor Economics, History, English and Communication at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

14.30-16.00    Macroeconomic Institutions Hub: Mapping the institutional basis of macroeconomic policy-making

Hub Leaders:   Laura Bear and Gary Dymski

16.00-16.15    Tea and coffee break

16.15-17.30    Data Study Group: Doyne Farmer

Bank of England Agents Project: David Tuckett

17:30-18.45    Reception


Day 2: Friday 20 September 2019

8.30-9.00         Tea and coffee

9.00-10.30    Sustainable Growth Hub: Macroeconomics and sustainability

Hub Leaders:   Michael Grubb and Tiago Cavalcanti

10.30-11.00    Tea and coffee break

11.00-12.00    Social Macroeconomics Hub: A Second Enlightenment

Hub Leaders:   Paul Collier and Dennis Snower

12.30-13.15    Lunch

13.15-14.15    Discussion Panel

14.15-15.45      Macroeconomic Finance Hub:  The ever-changing nature of systemic risks

Hub Leader: Ekaterina Svetlova

15.45-16.00    Closing comments

16.00 Conference closes

09 May 2019