rebuilding macroeconomics researchA core function of Rebuilding Macroeconomics is to support creative and ambitious research pilot projects which address important real-world macroeconomic issues. By ‘pilot projects’ we mean research at ‘proof of principle’ stage rather than extension or completion of existing work.

We welcome funding applications which have genuinely new and possibly disruptive ideas and perhaps that fall outside of usual funding criteria from traditional sources. We especially welcome proposals that incorporate interdisciplinary insights and apply new methods to macroeconomics.

We support research through three channels.

  • Research Hub Calls (regular)
  • General Research Calls (infrequent)
  • Study Group assistance (specific issues)

Research Hub Calls

Most of our support for research will come through our Research Hubs. The calls are listed on the Hub pages of this website along with all relevant background information, which can be found under the Big Questions tab on our website. They are also summarized on our Research Call page.

The application procedure consists of two stages.

  • For Stage 1, applicants should submit an outline statement of up to 1,000 words, using the form provided. An indicative outline cost level should also be supplied, though a formal costing is not required at this stage.
  • Successful applicants from Stage 1 will be invited to proceed to Stage 2. This involves a more detailed proposal, including: a Case for Support; a Justification of Resources; a Timetable; an Impact and Communications Plan; and a formal Budget. Successful applications will be funded at 86% full economic cost.

General Research Call

We plan to issue two General Research Calls. This is to cover any research proposals which address important macroeconomic issues that are not covered by our Research Hubs. Our 2017 General Research Call has been completed with the next call likely to be in late 2019 (subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates). The next General Research Call will be posted on our Research Call page.

Study Groups

We plan to host a few Study Groups which will be critical surveys of broad issues: for example, new data possibilities and the potential of new methods for understanding the macroeconomy. These Study Groups will involve open competitions for research assistance. Calls for research assistance will also be posted on our Research Call page.