All research funding applications must go through our two-stage peer-reviewed application process. We request a preliminary stage 1 outline of the project using a short form below. We aim to respond to submissions within 14 days of the end of the application deadline. This will be a rejection, a suggestion to modify or invitation to stage 2. We are happy to be contacted about possible research proposals.

Applications deemed promising will be invited to submit a stage 2 proposal using a longer form. Those applicants invited to do so will need to submit their longer proposal within two months.

Stage 1 of the application process requires you to provide the following information.

1)Proposed Title


3)Names of any other team members

4)What macroeconomic question are you answering? (100 words maximum)

5)Describe the method you intend to use (200 words maximum)

6)Why would your proposal be policy useful? (200 words maximum)

7)Why do you consider your proposal to be new and/or inter-disciplinary? (200 words maximum)

Once the application process has been started, it must be completed. Please complete in one sitting and the form cannot be saved when half completed. You can start the application process below.

We are no longer accepting research proposals for the 2017 year. Subscribe to our newsletter for information regarding the next round of funding applications.