Rebuilding Macroeconomics is an extensive network of mainstream and heterodox economists and academics from anthropology, biology, complexity, finance, history, philosophy, physics, psychology and sociology. Our aim is to transform macroeconomics into a policy-relevant social science. We fund research that proposes new, ambitious and creative approaches to real-world macroeconomic issues.

We offer a platform to different voices interested in macroeconomics. We welcome and encourage blog posts around the challenge of rebuilding macroeconomics and specifically around the Big Questions we are asking. This is a great way to get an idea across to a wider audience and enhance your own research reputation at the same time.

In keeping with the research we aim to support, we are looking for blogs that offer new insights that are ‘disruptive’ and challenge convention. We welcome blogs from economists and non-economists; particularly where new ideas, insights and methods can shed light on key macroeconomic issues. Our current blogs are here

Blog writing is a fun and informal way of presenting ideas to a wider audience. They are short, have a core idea and relatively light. We suggest the following eight guidelines for our blogs:

1)  Use a sexy title: Why a bottle of Beaujolais is not the same as a collateralized debt obligation

2) Readability is key: keep sentences and paragraphs short and to the point.

3) Avoid technical language and jargon if at all possible (and explain if unavoidable).

4) Each blog develops one core idea – take time to think about the structure.

5) Keep the post between 600 and 800 words long (maximum is 1000 words).

6) Clear and attractive graphics and pictures enhance blogs.

7) Enjoy writing the blog – easiest to write are often easiest to read.

8) Lastly, we need a portrait photo of you to go onto the blog post – please include one.

We very much look forward to receiving your blog. All blogs will be checked and reviewed by Gavin Hassall and sent back to the author for final ‘sign-off’. But this is not an editorial process! If you can also provide a twitter/personal site address then we can make sure that we maximise the impact of your ideas. If you would like to send in a blog, or have any questions about this process, please email Gavin Hassall at Please send blogs as word documents.



How Long Until I Hear Back From You?

There are three steps to the submission time-line of blogs:

1) The time from submitting to receiving first feedback would be a couple of days. Here we’ll let you know if we have minor some suggestions (step 2), or if we like your submission as is (step 3), or otherwise.

2) There might be some back-and-forth, where minor suggestions are made. This step would probably take a week.

3) Finally, from having the final version to posting it on the RM blog and tweeting it, is probably around a week again.

Overall, 2-3 weeks from submission to being posted.

Can I Post the Blog on my Own Website?

Yes, if we accept and post your blog, you are still welcome to post it yourself.


10 January 2018