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Rebuilding Macroeconomics aims to transform macroeconomics into a policy relevant social science by putting direct human interaction in response to fundamental uncertainty at the centre of analysis.


We explore the self-organising (not necessarily self-stabilising) order that grows from the direct interactions between millions of people as they seek to discover better frameworks to make sense of their changing world. This shifts the emphasis to knowledge creation and allows us to return to the time-honoured big macroeconomic questions of wealth creation, sustainability, distribution, power, coordination and institutions.

Rebuilding Macroeconomics was funded by the Economic and Social Research Council and is part of the Institute for Global Prosperity at University College London (UCL). IGP’s vision is to build a prosperous, sustainable, future, underpinned by the principles of fairness and justice. Find out more at:

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  • Festschrift for Alan Kirman
    Festschrift for Alan Kirman
    16-17 March
    Bank of England, Moorgate Auditorium
    16-17 March
    Bank of England, Moorgate Auditorium
    We hosted a Festschrift to celebrate the career and research of Professor Alan Kirman on 16-17 March 2023 in London. Keynote speakers included Sam Bowles, Jim Heckman, Lucrezia Reichlin and Joe Stiglitz.


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