Last week Rebuilding Macroeconomics hosted its first Discovery Meeting at The Lowry Centre, Salford. Our theme for this first meeting was “Can Globalisation Benefit All?”

The event which was led by Dr Angus Armstrong and Prof. Roger Farmer engaged members of the public, industry professionals, students and economists in a discussion concerning globalisation and if it can truly benefit everyone – or if in fact there are only winners and losers.

The aim of the discovery meeting was to gain honest ‘real word’ opinions on macroeconomic issues so we can better understand the world in which we research. The issues raised in this Discovery Meeting will influence our research agenda and will be the basis for new research that has the potential to change our macroeconomic conditions.

Our aim is to transform macroeconomics back into a policy-relevant social science. We will start by ask fundamental ‘real world’ questions and support new and genuinely innovative research which, if successful, offers the greatest potential to have a meaningful impact on our lives. To find out more click here

06 October 2017