On 23rd October 2017, two members of our management team, Doyne Farmer and David Tuckett will join John Muellbauer and Larry Elliot from the Guardian to discuss the Future of Macroeconomics at the INET 2017 conference. The event will be held at the Edinburgh International Conference center – hundreds of leading scholars, policymakers and public officials will be in attendance. To register for the event follow this link.

INET press release:

“Nearly a decade ago, the world financial system collapsed. Eight years later came two giant political shocks—Brexit and the American presidential election—uncomfortably reminiscent of the earlier catastrophe. Both came like bolts of lightning out of what seemed like a clear blue sky, defying the predictions and nostrums of experts, pundits, and policymakers everywhere.

Exploring how we got here—and how we might avoid the mistakes of the past and imagine a better direction for the future—is the purpose of this conference.

It is fitting that we are convening in Edinburgh, a center of the Scottish Enlightenment in which Adam Smith questioned received wisdom, developed new models and theories, and helped shape economics as a distinct discipline. It’s also fitting that we’re gathering ten years after the start of the financial crisis that shook the world and continues to reverberate in economies and societies across the world. It’s an ideal time and place to convene to reevaluate economic theories and practices that have gotten us to where we are today—and to envision a more socially, economically and environmentally sustainable path forward”

12 October 2017