First year BSc Economics student Lydia Evans provides a recap of an event organised by Birkbeck Economics + Finance Society, at which Dr Angus Armstrong introduced Rebuilding Macroeconomics.

“The story is infamous. The Queen visits the London School of Economics and asks why no one saw the recent global financial crisis coming. Angus Armstrong believes that it’s not that people didn’t see a catastrophe on the horizon, “it’s that the institutions almost didn’t want to listen to them”. Raghuram Rajan, Joseph Stiglitz and others attempted to warn the world that a seismic shock was going to take place. The main question is how have we moved forward? Armstrong thinks that the financial world has not, it continues to choose willful ignorance. He directs a new network that wants to re-evaluate the entrenched economic models and the collective consciousness of those who use them.” – Lydia Evans

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18 November 2017