Can Globalisation Benefit All?

The Globalisation Hub will be holding a workshop on 17 January 2019. This meeting will consist of a discussion between applicants from the Hub’s second research call. The workshop will take place at NIESR in London and bring together a range of experts from economics and different disciplines. Once the projects have been announced, you will be able to read about them here.


Macroeconomics has little reflection about the degree to which macroeconomic outcomes are determined by social connection, social context and social history. History, culture, and geography matter more than standard macroeconomic models allow for. As we ask whether “Globalisation Can Benefit All”, we surely have to understand the impact of globalisation on local social connections, local social contexts, and local social histories as well.


12.15 pm                     Lunch

1.00 pm                       Introduction: Stephen Kinsella, University of Limerick

1.20 pm                       Presentation: Alice Evans, King’s College London:
                                         Rethinking Globalisation and Macroeconomics from the Grassroots

2.00 pm                       Presentation: Henrietta Moore, UCL
                                         How to respond to Globalisation: Social Capacity for Economic Disruption

2.40 pm                       Presentation: David Bartram, University of Leicester
                                         Analysing the impact of immigration on happiness: getting control variables under                                          control

3.20 pm                       Tea

3.40 pm                       Summary discussion

4.30 pm                       Wine and snacks


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Rebuilding Macroeconomics globalisation

08 August 2018