Rebuild Macroeconomics instability Hub

Following a fruitful discussion at our Instability discovery meeting (See Summary Meeting Note Here), where we invited representatives from a variety of disciplines to talk about instability in macroeconomics, The Rebuilding Macroeconomics management team agreed to establish an Instability Hub. As part of Rebuild Macros’s process of incorporating different perspectives in macroeconomics, we are hosting an Instability workshop on the 8th of March 2018. This is a chance to further refine our research focus for the next two years. We will bring together economists, financiers, psychologists, anthropologists, physicists, and others to discuss the important points made in the discovery meeting. After, we will be in a position to make a first call for research that highlights areas where we think there is potential for some genuinely new, policy-relevant and interdisciplinary ideas.

Videos from the event will be uploaded soon

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14 February 2018