Rebuilding Macroeconomics: Our People

The Rebuilding Macroeconomics Network is proud to have such a distinguished management group. Our management group consists of experts from all fields of macroeconomic thinking. We believe a diverse management group will facilitate diverse and innovative ideas, that truly address today’s important macroeconomic problems.

The Research Support Team is tasked with carrying out the day-to-day activities of Rebuilding Macroeconomics, from managing our marketing activities to assessing grant applications. We are lucky to have such an enthusiastic support team which has contributed to Rebuilding Macroeconomics’ many successes.

Hub Leaders play a crucial role in our research network, being responsible for the vision and direction of specific Hub conversation, and ultimately for drawing together the final report discussed above. They elaborate research questions and possible new research methods and identify scholars and researchers to bring into conversation with each other.

There are three types of Co-Investigators in this network: those on the management team, those who become research hub convenors and those who participate in the research hubs and reviewing process. Our twenty-five Co-Investigators include leading academics from different branches of economics, psychology, anthropology, sociology, neuroscience, economic history, political science, biology and physics.

Rebuilding Macroeconomics has an Advisory Group of past policy makers, representatives from the UK’s three major macroeconomic policy institutions, academia, business and other stakeholders. The group has full access and oversight of how funds are disbursed. They are also asked to comment on whether Rebuilding Macroeconomics funds are allocated to new, fresh, ambitious and necessarily risky projects as intended.