Management Group: Rebuilding Macroeconomics

Laura Bear (PhD University of Michigan) specializes in the anthropology of the: economy; state; time; and urban ecology. Laura is both a Rebuilding Macroeconomics Management Group Member and Co-Leader for our ‘Do We Have Confidence in Economic Institutions?’ Research Hub.

Laura’s work began with an exploration of the Indian railways as an intimate economy that reshaped politics, bureaucracy and domestic life (Lines of the Nation 2007). These themes continued in her work with Indian call centre workers, and more recently, on global trade and austerity on the Hooghly River in West Bengal (funded by the ESRC).

A wish to support cross-disciplinary work rooted in anthropology has led Bear to take up positions as a board member in the: editorial collective of Economy and Society; LSE International Inequalities Institute and a new ESRC funded research network Rebuilding Macroeconomics. This last project is in collaboration with the National Institute of Social and Economic Research and leading economic policy institutions in the UK.

Blogs by Laura Bear

Do Macroeconomists have Morals?
Do Macroeconomists have Morals?
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