Hub Leaders play a crucial role in our research network, being responsible for the vision and direction of specific Hub conversation, and ultimately for drawing together the final report discussed above. They elaborate research questions and possible new research methods and identify scholars and researchers to bring into conversation with each other.

Dr Stephen Kinsella



Globalisation Hub Leader

Professor Roger Farmer



Instability Hub Co-Leader

Jean-Philippe Bouchaud



Instability Hub Co-LeaderJean-Philippe Bouchaud

Professor Laura Bear



Institutions Hub Co-Leader

Professor Gary Dymski



Institutions Hub Co-Leader gary dimski

Professor Dennis Snower



Social Cooperation Hub Co-Leader Prof Dennis Snower rebuild macro

Professor Paul Collier



Social Cooperation Hub Co-Leader Paul Collier rebuild macro

Professor Michael Grubb



Sustainability Hub Co-Leader

Dr Tiago Cavalcanti




Sustainability Hub Co-Leader
Dr Tiago Cavalcanti

Dr Ekaterina Svetlova



Finance Hub Leader
Dr Ekaterina Svetlova