Hub Co-Leader: Does Social Cooperation Affect Macroeconomic Performance?

Prof Dennis Snower rebuild macroDennis Snower is President of the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, and Professor of Economics at Kiel University. He is an expert in the areas of social and behavioural approaches to global problems, and in understanding macroeconomic policy under market imperfections. Some of his recent work with colleagues at the Kiel Institute has examined challenges to global cooperation and global inequality.

Since graduating with a PhD from Princeton, Dennis has held numerous positions in both academia and policy institutions. These include: Professorship at Birkbeck College, University of London; labour market expert advisor to HM Treasury; director of public policy, and human resources at the CEPR. His publications appear numerous times in leading economic journals.

Dennis has looked at incorporating a more realistic framework of human behaviour into macroeconomics by taking into account psychological evidence (e.g. Akerlof & Snower, 2016). Behavioural evidence does not support the idea that people are purely selfish and merely maximise utility. By deviating from this assumption, progress is being made to improve policy-making, understand motivational systems and global cooperation.