Hub Co-Leader: Why are Economies Unstable?

Roger E. A. Farmer is the Co-Leader for Rebuild Macro’s Instability Hub and Research Director at NIESR, London. He is also a Professor of Economics at the University of Warwick in the UK. He is also Distinguished Professor of Economics at UCLA. He is a world-leading economist and former Senior Houblon-Norman Fellow at the Bank of England. He has published numerous scholarly articles in leading academic journals, as well as books that have been translated into Chinese, Italian, Vietnamese and Hungarian.

He has previously held positions at the University of Pennsylvania, The European University Institute and the University of Toronto. He is a Fellow of the Econometric Society, Research Associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research, Research Fellow of the Centre for Economic Policy Research, Fellow Commoner of Cambridge University, and Co-Editor of the International Journal of Economic Theory. His new book, Prosperity for All: How to Prevent Financial Crises, is now available for purchase from Oxford University Press and Amazon Kindle.

Blogs by Roger E. A. Farmer

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