Hub Leader: Can Globalisation Benefit Everyone 

Dr Stephen Kinsella is Rebuilding Macroeconomics’ Globalisation hub leader. Stephen is an economist at the University of Limerick, KBS, in Ireland and currently a research fellow at the University of Melbourne in Australia. In addition, Stephen is also a Sunday Business and Economic commentator.

In 2016 Stephen won Business Analyst Of the Year at the 10th UCD Smurfit School Business Journalist Awards. Dr Kinsella won the award for his Sunday Business Post contributions: ‘Crisis, what Crisis?’; ‘The Dickensian Repercussions’; and ‘Time to party like it’s 2006’.

Stephen’s research is in macroeconomic modelling and the economics of austerity. As the Globalisation hub leader, Stephen will assess grants, organise physical and online events around themes related to the question of ‘can globalisation benefit all?’ and contribute to the policy debate around these issues.

Blogs by Stephen Kinsella

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