28th November 2017 at National Institute of Economic and Social Research

A pre-discovery meeting concerning sustainability will take place on 28 November 2017 at NIESR.

Our pre-Discovery meetings are four-hour roundtable discussions between policymakers and academics – both economists and scholars from related disciplines. Meetings are held in the library at the National Institute. Space is limited, and everyone must be registered. But please do ask r.arnold@niesr.ac.uk if would like to attend.

The confirmed speakers for the Sustainability Pre-Discovery Meeting on 28 November are:

Michael Kumhof, Bank of England

Professor Doyne Farmer, University of Oxford

Professor Dennis Snower, Kiel University.

The background note for this Research Hub can be found here.


9.00 am                 Registration

9.30 am                 Start

9.35 am                 Michael Kumhof, Senior Research Advisor, Research Unit, Bank of England

10.15 am                Professor Doyne Farmer, University of Oxford

11.00 am                Coffee break

11.20 am               Professor Dennis Snower, President of the Kiel Institute for the World Economy and Professor of Economics at the Christian-Albrechts Universität zu Kiel

12.00 noon          Dan Nixon, Perspectiva

12.40 pm              Rebuilding Macroeconomics management team

1.00 pm                 Close and lunch

09 November 2017