The Rebuilding Macroeconomics Network Sustainable Growth Hub is hosting a workshop on 14 March 2019, to discuss some of the research proposals we received from our recent research call. Presentations will be given on some of these proposals to open up a general discussion and encourage a cross-fertilization of ideas from members of the Network. Each presentation will last for around 20 minutes, followed by a discussion. The workshop will last from 1.00 pm until 5.45 pm and is held at the National Institute of Economic and Social Research. The provisional schedule for the presentations is given below.

12.15 pm Lunch
1.00 pm Introduction: Michael Grubb, UCL, and Tiago Cavalcanti, University of Cambridge
1.20 pm Presentation: Paolo Agnolucci, UCL
The long-run incidence of resource and environmental boundaries on energy consumption
2.00 pm Presentation: Marion Dumas, LSE
Varieties of technological change and green growth theory
2.40 pm Presentation: Tim Jackson, University of Surrey
A stock-flow consistent, input-output model for the analysis of the financial and macroeconomic impacts of stranded assets
3.20 pm Tea
3.40 pm Presentation: Tim Foxon, University of Sussex
Investigating Agent-based Modelling for sustainability transition
4.20 pm Presentation:  Jean-Francois Mercure, University of Exeter, and Andrew Jarvis, University of Lancaster
Timescales and Investment Dynamics in the Economy
5.00 pm Presentation: Armon Rezai, Vienna University of Economics and Business
Not so great expectations: Carbon lock-in, structural change, and the transition to sustainability
5.30 pm Summary discussion
5.45 pm Reception – wine and snacks

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14 March 2019