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Research Hub Question: How Do We Achieve a Sustainable Economy?

Research Hub Leaders: Prof Michael Grubb & Dr Tiago Cavalcanti

Application Deadline: 23.59 GMT on 9 December 2018

Submit Application to: Richard Arnold (


The Sustainability Hub of Rebuilding Macroeconomics is looking to fund pilot research projects that address questions on how we evaluate and achieve a sustainable economy and the importance to taking into account the degradation of our natural capital and the risks associated with climate change into macroeconomic frameworks and models. In a workshop held in September 2018, we presented problems related to mainstream macroeconomics and sustainability and a background paper, written by Nicolas Cerkez on sustainability and growth (available here), was discussed by participants. Possible approaches and modelling strategies to address related issues on macroeconomics and the environment were suggested.

Through this research call, we seek to initiate a conversation between teams of researchers, each working on issues around sustainability and macroeconomics but perhaps using different approaches. We hope to generate a collaborative and productive dialogue between these teams by holding regular meetings in which the participants present their ideas to each other, learn from and challenge each other’s assumptions and ways of thinking and consider possible new methods of investigation.

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23 November 2018