Why are Economies Unstable?

Instability Research Hub – Discussion from the First Research Call

Wednesday 24 October 2018 at the National Institute of Economic and Social Research

The Rebuilding Macroeconomics Network’s Instability Hub is hosting a workshop on 24 October 2018. Here we will discuss some of the research proposals we received from our recent research call. Presentations will be given on some of these projects to open up a general discussion and encourage a cross-fertilization of ideas from members of the Network. Each presentation will last for around 20 minutes, followed by a discussion. The workshop will last from 1.00 pm until 6.00 pm. The provisional plan for the presentations is given below.

12.00pm Lunch

1.00 pm Introduction: Jean-Philippe Bouchaud, École Polytechnique, Paris

1.20 pm Presentation: Maxim Gusev and Dimitri Kroujiline, LGT Capital Partners: Derivation and study of a tractable interactions-based macroeconomic model with explicit microfoundations

2.00 pm Presentation: Franck Portier, UCL: Macroeconomic Fluctuations as Emergent Behaviour

2.40 pm Presentation: Sayanthan Ghosal, University of Glasgow (tbc): Anxiety, Competing Narratives and the Macroeconomy: What is the role of policy in stabilising expectations?

3.20 pm Tea

3.40 pm Presentation: Robert Mackay, Warwick University: But why are economies stable?

4.20 pm Presentation: Michael Hatcher, University of Southampton: Endogenous extrapolation: Implications for boom-bust cycles and macroeconomic policy

5.00 pm Presentation and discussion: Nick Chater, Warwick University (tbc): Macroeconomic Implications of the Sampling Brain

5.40 pm Summary discussion

6.00 pm Wine and snacks

If you would like to attend, please email g.hassall@niesr.ac.uk.

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16 July 2018