Women in Macroeconomics: social sciences

Rebuilding Macroeconomics is delighted to be participating in the ESRC’s Festival of Social Science 2018. Our event is titled “Women in Economics” and will discuss some of our current research that looks at inequality, gender and macroeconomics.

There is a lack of involvement and under-representation of women in economics. This is seen in universities, policy-making institutions and in engagement with the public. As economics has a direct impact on the progress and well-being of society, this is a serious shortcoming.

We offer the chance to get involved with research that is bringing together Gender Studies and Macroeconomics. Experts and researchers in this area will discuss these important issues, explain what we are working on, and most of all, provide an opportunity for you to voice your views and experiences to help shape this research going forward. The goal of this research is to advise policymakers on economic issues around gender, so we want to involve the very people on the receiving end of this work in the future.

Gender, income and wealth inequality and policies: How do they affect macroeconomic performance?Özlem Onaran, Cem Oyvat, Eurydice Fotopoulou

Rebuilding UK Economic Institutions: Cultures of Expertise, Inequality & GenderLaura Bear

Further Event Information

9 November 2018, 12.00 am – 17.40 pm

Address: National Institute of Economic and Social Research, 2 Dean Trench Street, Westminster, London, SW1P 3HE

Full list of speakers:


Özlem Onaran

Laura Bear

Sue Himmelweit

Jerome De Henau

Alice Pearson

Yvonne Roberts

Rachana Shanbhogue

Diane Elson

Anja Prummer

Donna Harris

Carolina Alves


Grenwich University, Economics

London School of Economics, Anthropology

Open University & Women’s Budget Group, Economics

Open University & Women’s Budget Group, Economics

Cambridge University, Anthropology

Former Chief Lead Writer, The Observer

Business correspondent, The Economist

Essex University & Women’s Budget Group, Sociology

Queen Mary University of London, Economics

Oxford University, Centre for the Study of African Economies

Cambridge University, Economics

For further information, please contact g.hassall@niesr.ac.uk


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