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Rebuilding Macroeconomics sees the economy as a living system for creating and using knowledge, often embedded in goods and services. Our emphasis on knowledge makes clear that we live in a world of fundamental uncertainty. Yet far from being powerless to act, it is our ability to harness uncertainty which makes us such a resourceful species.

This shift in emphasis to knowledge creation allows us to return to the time-honoured big macroeconomic questions of creativity, agency, sustainability, coordination and institutions.

Rebuilding Macroeconomics is part of the Institute for Global Prosperity (IGP)University College London (UCL). We have a new PhD scheme in Social Macroeconomics and teach an MSc course on the New Economics of Prosperity at IGP.





Image by Martin Adams

Thermoeconomics: An axiomatic theory of aggregate economic phenomena

Robert MacKay and Nick Chater | November 09, 2023

Working Paper No 67

Modern Housing Complex

The Effect of Inter-Municipal Cooperation on Social Assistance Programs: Evidence from Housing Allowances in England

Thomas Elston, Germà Bel and Han Wang | May 12, 2023

Working Paper No 66

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it: When (and why) independent service delivery is preferable to collaborative public management

Thomas Elston, Germà Bel and Han Wang | March 29, 2023

Working Paper No 65


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