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Rebuilding Macroeconomics is a diverse and extensive network of mainstream and heterodox economists and academics from anthropology, biology, complexity, finance, history, philosophy, physics, psychology, sociology. Our Network brings together academics, policy makers, representatives of civil society and interested members of the public. Our aim is to transform macroeconomics into a policy-relevant social science.

Rebuilding Macroeconomics is a research network structured around a concept of Research Hubs. Each Hub addresses a specific “real world” macroeconomic issue and aims to ask relevant questions, chosen after extensive consultation with academics and the public. Hubs are settings for scholars and practitioners to explore and learn from each other, and to consider possible new methods of investigation.

Upcoming events and dates

15 Nov

Can Globalisation Benefit All? 2nd Workshop

The Globalisation Hub held its first workshop on 21 May 2018 to inform its research call. From this discussion, several interesting points were raised about the distributional aspect to globalisation and we are holding this workshop to investigate these issues further.

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