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Rebuilding Macroeconomics is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council. Our long-term aim is to transform macroeconomics back into a policy relevant social science. Our strategy is to support interdisciplinary research and new methods of analysis in macroeconomics.


Annual Conference

Understanding Social Macroeconomics, 21-23 Oct 2020, (virtual event)

Complexity Research Competition

Open competition for essays in complexity and macroeconomics prize of £20,000


Catalogue of video recordings of past conferences and workshops

Working Papers

Authors who have received support, or been an active participant in research hubs.

Discussion Papers and Special Issue

Authors who have submitted papers relevant to our mission.

Past Events

Our contribution to economic issues and policy debate




Understanding Social Macroeconomics: Third Annual Conference (virtually)

For registration please email: r.arnold@niesr.ac.uk

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Rebuilding Macroeconomics is structured around a concept of Research Hubs. Hubs are places for scholars, policymakers and practitioners to coalesce around substantive ‘real-world’ macroeconomic policy questions.

Globalisation Hub
Macroeconomic Instability Hub
Macroeconomic Institutions Hub
Social Macroeconomics Hub
Sustainable Growth Hub
Macroeconomic Finance Hub



Rebuilding Globalisation and Macroeconomics, from the Grassroots

Why is corporate accountability generally difficult to enforce throughout global supply chains, and how can we encourage legal change? 

Principal Investigator:

Alice Evans


Developing an Economy of Belonging

Exploring the interactions between social security and popular acceptance of globalisation, this projects aims to shed light on the relationship...

Principal Investigator:

Henrietta Moore


Country capabilities, product complexity, and finance in the EU

This research project studies the extent to which globalization reinforces structural inequalities between nation states in the Eurozone, and which... 

Principal Investigator:

Dr Claudius Gräbner


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