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Bio-psycho-social foundations of macroeconomics

Editor: David Tuckett, University College London (UCL), UK; Dennis J. Snower, Kiel Institute for the World Economy, Germany; Angus Armstrong, Rebuilding Macroeconomics (NIESR)

Deadline for Paper Submissions: October 31, 2019



No. 19

How Market Ecology Explains Market Malfunction

Maarten P. Scholl, Anisoara Calinescu and J. Doyne Farmer  | September 28, 2020

No. 18

Is Identity-Priming a Short-Cut to Cooperation?

Yvan I. Russell  | September 22, 2020

No. 17

Emergence of Core-Periphery Structures in the European Union: A Complexity Perspective

Claudius Gräbner, and Jakob Hefele  | September 04, 2020

No. 16

Globalisation and Rent Sharing

Pawel Bukowski, Stephen Machin, and David Soskice  | August 27, 2020

No. 15

Institutional Supercycles: An Evolutionary Macro-Finance Approach

Yannis Dafermos, Daniela Gabor, and Jo Michell  | July 30, 2020

No. 14

Banks and Macroeconomic Stability. A Behavioural Macroeconomic Approach

Yuemei Ji, Paul Grauwe | July 5, 2020

No. 13

Monetary Policy and the Management of Uncertainty: a Narrative Approach

David Tuckett, Douglas Holmes, Alice Pearson and Graeme Chaplin | July 3, 2020

No. 12

A Simple Economic Model with Interactions

Maxim Gusev, Dimitri Kroujiline | June 5, 2020

No. 11

Stock Price Stabilization? Permanent vs Temporary Short-Sales Limits in a

Heterogeneous Beliefs Model

Michael Hatcher | June 1, 2020

No. 10

Production Networks and Epidemic Spreading: How to Restart the UK Economy

Anton Pichler, François Lafond, Marco Pangallo, R. Maria del Rio-Chanona, and J. Doyne Farmer | May 21, 2020

No. 9

Capability Accumulation and Product Innovation: Agent-Based Perspective

Anna Hornykewycz and Claudius Gräbner | May 5, 2020

No. 8

The Importance of Beliefs in Shaping Macroeconomic Outcomes

Roger E. A. Farmer | April 20, 2020

No. 7

Overcoming the Global Despondency Trap

Strengthening Corporate Accountability in Supply Chains

Alice Evans | April 15, 2020

No. 6

Theory and Empirics of Capability Accumulation: Implications for Macroeconomic Modelling

Matthias Aistleitner, Claudius Gräbner, Anna Hornykewycz | April 8, 2020

No. 5

How Directed is a Directed Network?

R.S. MacKay, S. Johnson, and B. Sansom | January 28, 2020

No. 4

Rational Social Man and the Compliance Problem: an Application of Identiy Economics

Paul Collier | December 16, 2019

No. 3

The Effects of Gender Inequality, Wages, Wealth Concentration and Fiscal Policy on Macroeconomic Performance in the UK

Özlem Onaran, Cem Oyvat and Eurydice Fotopoulou | November 22, 2019

No. 2

Emergent Inequality and Endogenous Dynamics in a Simple Behavioral Macroeconomic Model

Yuki M. Asano, Jakob J. Kolb, Jobst Heitzig, and J. Doyne Farmer | November 15, 2019

No. 1

The Interplay of Economic, Social and Political Fragmentation

Dennis Snower and Steven Bosworth | November 13, 2019



Foundations of System-Wide financial Stress Testing with Heterogeneous Institutions

J Doyne Farmer, Alissa M Kleinnijenhuis, Paul Nahai-Williamson and Thom Wetzer  | June 26, 2020

The Socio-Economics of Pandemics Policy

Dennis J. Snower | April 24, 2020

Can Stimulating Demand Drive Costs Down? World War II as a Natural Experiment

François Lafond, Diana Greenwald, and J. Doyne Farmer | April 7, 2020

The GFC, Systemic Legitimacy and "Rip-Off" Stories in the Daily Mail

Tony Curzon Price, Gavin Hassall, Jeremy Davies, James Couper | January 29, 2020

Commentary on Edmund Rolls: ‘Emotion and reason in human decision-making’

Mark Solms | July 25, 2019

Beyond quantified ignorance: rebuilding rationality without the bias bias

Henry Brighton | March 15, 2019

Escape from model-land

Erica L. Thompson and Leonard A. Smith| March 8, 2019

Markets are a function of language: notes on a narrative economics

Douglas R. Holmes | February 25, 2019

Family firms as kinship enterprises

Sylvia Yanagisako | February 11, 2019

Toward a cognitive science of markets: economic agents as sense-makers

Samuel G.B. Johnson | February 11, 2019

How everyday ethics becomes a moral economy, and vice versa

Webb Keane | February 06, 2019

Emotion and reasoning in human decision-making

Edmund T. Rolls | February 06, 2019

Confidence Collapse in a Multi-Household, Self-Reflexive DSGE Model

Morelli, Federico and Benzaquen, Michael and Tarzia, Marco and Bouchaud, Jean-Philippe | July 17, 2019

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