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Second Annual Research Paper Competition:
Complexity in Social Macroeconomics

'Rebuilding Macroeconomics' is a research project funded by the UK’s Economic and Social Research Council and hosted at the Institute for Global Prosperity, University College London. Our remit is to support interdisciplinary research projects through awarding grants to projects that would fall outside of mainstream funding awards. Complexity Science has emerged as being critical to this process. We describe complexity in economics as the realistic portrayal of human action and institutions to understand how economic systems evolve over time.

In 2019 Rebuilding Macroeconomics launched a Research Prize to attract and identify fresh thinking on complexity research in macroeconomics. We were delighted with the response with twenty-five strong entries. For our second annual Complexity in Macroeconomics prize we would like to narrow the field by inviting applications for research which addresses Social Macroeconomics. We describe Social Macroeconomics as a macroeconomic system based on practical decision-making in a world of partial ignorance.

First Prize

From Micro to Macro: Understanding the social dynamics behind political and economic change

John Pougué-Biyong and Valentina Semenova

Prize Winners

Second Prize

A framework for agent-based models of human needs and ecological limits

 Joël Foramitti

Third Prize

A High Resolution Agent-based Model of the Hungarian Housing Market

Bence Méro, András Borsos, Zsuzsanna Hosszú, Zsolt Oláh, Nikolett Vágó

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