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Data Study Group

We are setting up a ‘Data Study Group’ to ask what kind of data could significantly enhance our understanding of the macroeconomy. The Data Study Group is tasked with collecting perspectives on what an ‘ideal data set’ would look like from both leading academics and policy makers.

Doyne Farmer

Claire Connelly


Assessing the Impact of REF on Academic Macroeconomics

Research evaluation in the case of United Kingdom is unique. It adopts the Research Excellence Framework (REF). 

Instead of relying largely on journal ranking lists or citation metrics, the REF uses an expert peer-review tool for assessing research strength at universities which is confronted with strong criticism. 

Danielle Guizzo

james Walker


Method Study Group

The ‘Methods Study Group’ will examine the feasibility of importing alternative research methods from other branches of the natural and social sciences that might enhance and support our understanding of the macroeconomy. The Group will match specific macroeconomic questions with specific alternative methods with regard to the feasibility and utility in each case of introducing a reformed methodology.

David Tuckett

Claire Connelly

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