Why Rebuild Macroeconomics?

We have endured the worst financial and economic crisis since the Great Depression and we continue to face exceptional economic circumstances. Despite apparently extraordinary inventions and innovations, standards of living are declining, or at best stagnant, in many advanced economies. Many believe that our economic systems have failed to deliver the progress and prosperity that was promised.

Mainstream macroeconomics offers many insights and we recognise the changes that are underway. Yet in these exceptional economic circumstances creative and ambitious research ideas are required. This is an opportunity for disruptive thinking – to find out how inter-disciplinary ideas, alternative schools of thought and new research methods can contribute to our most pressing ‘real world’ macroeconomic questions.

Influencing the Next Generation

Through effective collaboration with macroeconomists, we want to shift the long-term research interests of macroeconomists.

We aim to introduce young scholars to new ideas and methods through our Research Hubs, MOOCs and workshops to shape tomorrow’s research agenda.

Join Us

We want to engage with all researchers, stakeholders and members of the public. We want to open-up the public debate on macroeconomics.

We will hold Discovery Meetings and ‘town-hall’ debates across the UK. The only limit is space. Some support to cover travel costs is also available.

Researchers are strongly encouraged to join our research hubs and put themselves forward to be research hub leaders.

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