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Symposium on Systemic Recovery

This 2-day symposium will consist of four sessions of invited talks around the COVID-19 crisis and its recovery. The four themes are the following: Not out of the woods yet, Exit strategies, Which normality?, The long haul: The Covid-19 crisis.
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Time & Location

Apr 26, 12:00 PM – Apr 27, 8:00 PM

About the Event

This 2-day symposium will consist of four sessions of invited talks  on the themes below. In each session, a moderator will  introduce the theme and the key modelling and policy questions and ask  the three to four speakers to present their remarks, followed by a discussion and further questions from the audience. In  addition, each day will include a session where the main findings of the  EPSW will be presented and discussed.

Confirmed Speakers: Stefanie Stantcheva, Josh Epstein, Henrietta Moore, Maria Del Rio-Chanona, Anat Admati, Tim Jackson, Minouche Shafik

Theme 1 - Not out of the woods yet: The Covid-19 pandemic is  still raging around the globe. This panel will review the current state  of the crisis, from both a health and economics points of view, and  discuss the main lessons learned in the past year.

Theme 2 - Exit strategies: In the next several months, as  vaccines roll out and the number of new cases and deaths consequently  decreases, many countries will begin implementing measures for safe  reopening of their economies. This panel will discuss the short term implications of resumption of economic activities and  expected phase out of government policies put in place during the  pandemic, including the effects of defaults and bankruptcies on global  financial stability.

Theme 3 - Which normality?: This panel will address the medium  term economic effects of the pandemic, including possibly permanent  changes in productivity and the nature of work, the role of expanded  private and public debt, and the interactions between inequality and health.

Theme 4 - The long haul: The Covid-19 crisis exposed fragilities  in the health care system, social safety nets, supply chains, and  transportation networks, while at the same time redefined the limits of  what is possible in terms of adaptability and policy responses. This panel will explore implications for long term  economic and environmental sustainability, including the appropriate  level of preparedness for crises, the trade off between efficiency and  resilience, and how these lessons can be help fight the looming climate change crisis.

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